needs a Synonym for ‘thrilled’

Once Chatterbox was finished I still had about 150 poems ready for reading so in February I started to submit them to online publications. Better they sit on the internet somewhere than in my documents file.

The first online magazine I discovered was Sea Giraffe. A tweet of theirs piqued my interest and I started a correspondence with the editor, Mike Maher. I was thrilled when Mike chose my poem “The Difference” for Sea Giraffe’s inaugural edition.

After Sea Giraffe came The Ofi Press publication of two short poems. And following that I was delighted to be published by Dr Hurley’s Snake Oil Cure. My poem “Undertow” is filed under “Places” on the site.

I have a few more poems accepted, but not yet published. You can bet I will let you know when they appear!

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