Born with this big bundle
and chattering
scattering love like dropped petals
from wildflowers
carelessly and carefully.

what I picked
for you, mommy! From my
hot and sweaty hand
she takes them, but
later I find them
on the sand.

But still
I am alive with love.
Its pulsing
Never sure
it’s wanted

She tells me
my love’s too big
to sit on her lap
breaking her knees
her arms won’t reach ‘round it.

My love in me is
You squeeze my shoulder
and I turn
to see your eyes
so dark
so glowing
your smile

I love you
and it settles
smoulders like a smoky fume.
I love you
and it flares
my kindling
and crackling
consumed in moments.

I love you
and I’m lost in it.
Inside me
outside me
flowing like a lifeline.

Hang on.
I pull you out
from drowning.
I warm you up
and set you breathing.

I love you in
I love you out
teeth chattering.

First published June 3, 2011 Dr Hurley’s Snake Oil Cure.
I find it hard to believe this poem didn’t make it into “Chatterbox” since it sums up the whole book so nicely. When I realized the omission I tried to squeeze it onto the back cover, but alas, not enough space. So here it is, a sampling of what is NOT in “Chatterbox”, but should be.
If you look carefully at the cover artwork of “Chatterbox” you will discern the original handwritten version of this poem on the siding in the background.


    1. The final proof of Chatterbox is on its way to me, Dale. I was going to skip the step (eek!) and Michael (the cover designer) said, “Are you CRAZY??!!” Soooo, I ordered a final proof. I should have it on Monday or Tuesday. Then I’ll order a batch for distribution in the Beaches. AND the best part, it will then be available for the whole world to order! You will have yours by next weekend is my bet!

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