Frugal Fable – The Pantry

pantry-416596_640After I quit my marriage and full-time job my pantry lasted about two and a half years. I didn’t know it was a good idea, but while I had money I overstocked the pantry.
Pantry items include spices and herbs, salt, sugars, vanilla extract, liquid smoke, Worcestershire sauce, tins of beans and tomatoes, bouillon cubes, molasses, flour, dried beans, pasta, cornstarch, baking soda, baking powder, etcetera.
Amazingly it was about two years of frugal living before I noticed the larder was bare. And when the shelves did begin to empty I started to accept hand-outs. For example I took a big box of stuff home from a cottage closing. And any time someone was tossing something out that was just taking up space in their cupboard, I took it, and if I didn’t know how, I figured out how to use it. I learned that expiry dates on most pantry items mean best before, not poisonous after.
The best thing about pantry items is they’re often on sale at the grocery store so they’re easy to pick up cheaply and keep in storage and they last a long, long time.
The moral of the story – there’s no such thing as too much pantry.

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