Old Love New Love

old love new loveWhen I called her in the year before she died, really I just wanted confirmation that my amorous meanderings were valid. Were something she would have done.

But she didn’t give me that. She said, You know, at my age, it’s just nice to have someone to hold me.

I babbled on a little longer about a man who had thrust himself into my life and snarled it all up and she hmm’d and haw’d the way she always did with me.

How long had I been talking to her about men and not noticing that her beautiful eyes were gazing past me?

And just before she died I called and we had one last conversation and she said, Tell the lake goodbye for me.




  1. Laying here in bed in Northern Ireland, can’t sleep, jet lag, catching up on Facebook. And as if I’m not emotional enough, reading that made me want to just bawl my eyes out! Loved it.

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