018.jpgI am a recovering chatterbox living in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. I graduated from York University, with a degree in English Literature sometime in the last century. I then took 20 years off from writing poetry to run a gift store and raise a family. Now happily unmarried and unemployed I finally have time to write. I earn money for my cheese sandwiches by selling dog halters and editing whatever I can get my hands on. My first book, Chatterbox Poems appeared in 2011. Since then I have completed a manuscript called Abide With Me, which is currently seeking a publisher. If you enjoy my writing please sign up on my email list – I promise to write.


  1. Hi Sandy. I’ve been reading your poems for a while. I really love the imagery and voices in your poems. I’d love to know what your inspiration was for ‘Artichoke’. It’s a cool word, eh? Besides being an awesome vegetable – my favourite.

    1. Artichoke – hmmm. You know how you say those things to yourself: ok – have faith, think positive, blah, blah, blah…? Well, I had given up on hope one day when I wrote this poem. And hope’s replacement for me, that day, was trust, but trust sticks in my throat like what? Like an artichoke is what! Hope that answers your question.

  2. You are so talented Sandy. You write such passionate words that are very moving. I love ‘gratitude’ and ‘business’.

  3. Hi Sandy
    I love My Tree, and not just because you posted it on my birthday.

    “green time” is a great image for me.
    And the “precious old tree” is wonderful too.

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